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Sport Injury Treatment
We have special interests in soft tissue injuries and bone conditions. We utilize methods that facilitate optimal healing through a client centered approach.
Pre-season Fitness Screen
We provide screening of athletes as well as amateur sportsman looking to enhance their physical performance and achieve their fitness goals for the sports season.
Neck, Back & Spinal Rehab
Neck and back pain are two of the most common conditions that people suffer from. Our goal is to educate clients to manage pain and improve their condition independently.
Pre/Post Operavtive Rehab
Physiotherapy is an important part of rehabilitation pre and post operation. We follow guidelines based on the latest research which results in optimal recovery.
General Muscle/Joint Pain
Muscle ache and joint pain are common symptoms which are experienced by patients. Following a thorough evaluation, these conditions are treated with personalised care.
Ergonomic Assessments
Workplace evaluations are part of holistic management that we offer. An ergonomic setup of your workstation can result in increased productivity and decreased limitations.
Dry Needling Treatments
Dry Needling is a Western Medicine Technique used to treat muscular pain and dysfunction. This technique stimulates blood flow to the affected area providing relief.
Neural Disease Treatments
Following a stroke or damage to the nervous system eg. spinal cord injury, physiotherapy aims to bring the individual to the highest functional level using exercise techniques.

About Kinetic Rehab


Kinetic Rehab is a private Physiotherapy practice established in Cape Town, designed to serve the community through a holistic approach. Our main interests are in the field of sports injuries and prevention, orthopaedic rehabilitation, neuromuscular conditions and young athlete development. We believe in educating our clients, on their condition, as this is the first step to recovery. This puts the power of recovery into the patient's hands.

Personalised Treatment/Advice
We provide a personalized approach based on a thorough evaluation of your complaints and concerns to provide a comprehensive treatment and management plan.
Video Tutorials
We provide tutorials on various social media platforms providing information about conditions and their management techniques/treatments.
Hands On Treatment
In combination with movement and exercise to facilitate healing, we perform techniques such as massage, soft tissue manipulation, peripheral joint and spine mobilisation.
Home Visits
We offer home visits in special cases of severe injury or immobility in order to provide our patients with tailored and accessible care. Contact us for more information.

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